Dr. Alessio Zambon
Psychiatrist. Psychotherapist and Gestalt therapist. Supervisor and Trainer in Gestalt therapy

Who I am

After working for many years in both Italian and in German psychiatric clinics and facilities, I have decided to open my own private practice so I can offer psychiatric care alongside Gestalt therapy. In many countries, these two approaches to mental health are well integrated. However, in Germany it is rare to find both offered by the same practitioner due to separate regulations for the training and certification of different types of therapeutic interventions.

As an expert in both, I find that they can be used together to help patients effectively overcome and manage mental health conditions and stress-inducing situations. This is especially true for patients who are open to using the therapeutic intervention as an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

One of the aims of the therapy is, within the dialog, to give a bearable and lively shape to the deepness, the fantasy as well as the horror we all have inside

In my practice I offer patients the following

Integrated psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment, including: diagnostic procedures, talk therapy, prescribed medication, and referral ability to other facilities

Classical Gestalt therapy

Counselling during difficult phases of life

I offer support to Gestalt therapists who are inexperienced in working with serious mental disorders (hearing voices, unbearable tension/stress, suicidal ideation…). In such cases, I can offer
supervision, take over the treatment of a patient, or merely take charge of overseeing drug therapies.

Counselling to facilitate self-discovery and self-development.

Therapy and supervision can take place both individually and in groups. And in German, English,
Italian and French.

Relationship counselling for familial, friend, and romantic relationships (also polyamoric

I also offer case- and team-supervision for therapists and social workers. My supervision style is
centered on countertransference, so supervision also serves as an occasion for self-development. Of course, I also make use of my psychiatric knowledge in case discussions.

My psychopathological expertise is mainly in: schizophrenia and schizophrenic spectrum disorders, depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety and fear disorders, trauma, psychosomatic disorders and chronic pain, personality disorders with borderline tracts etc.

Regarding logistics:

In my private practice, I can only accept paying clients (Selbstzahler). My prices follow the German regulation for medical fees (GOÄ), primarily Factor 2.3. Thus, a psychotherapy session costs €100. Fees for other services can be discussed on an individual basis. The first meeting is considered a psychiatric evaluation for the price of 50 €.

Feel free to contact me via email, Whatsapp, or SMS. I usually respond to inquiries on Thursdays in the morning or evening.

For purely psychiatric consultations through a Krankenkasse, I accept patients at dienervenaerzte.de.
You can make an appointment with me there by contacting the secretary.

foto © Renato Tomba

Specialista in psichiatria e psicoterapia Sociologo (PhD), educatore, supervisore

Se hai bisogno di metterti in contatto con il Dr. Alessio Zambon

Dr. Alessio Zambon
Ärztlicher Psychotherapeut
Gleimstr. 37
10437 Berlin
(C/o In-Kontakt, Inst. für Gestalttherapie)

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