About me and my professional training

My CV may appear unconventional for a psychiatrist, but my broad interests in health and social well-being have provided me with a rich and varied perspective.

After studying philosophy, I worked as an educator where I came into contact with both psychiatry and the anti-psychiatry movement, later I also obtained a degree in education. I started then to work as a University researcher, and took part in a variety of inter/national research projects about the mental health of young people, as well as the health promotion and methods for its evaluation.
Following that, I earned a PhD in the Sociology of Health, where my research focused on the mechanisms through which parental habits, values, and behaviours are transmitted from one generation to the next, affecting health across generations. You can find a selection of my publications below.

After working as a researcher for several years, I felt the urge to do something new, so I chose to study medicine, and obtained an MD with a specialisation in psychiatry and psychotherapy. This gave me the opportunity to integrate disparate parts of my professional development into a unified field. My first residency, in psychiatry and psychotherapy, took place at the Hardtwaldklinik in Bad Zwesten, where some practitioners still use Gestalt therapy. After that, I transfered to the Theodor-Wenzel-Werk in Berlin, where I also completed a year-long residency in neurology. The following year, while preparing for my specialization exam, I worked at the psychiatric territorial services in Berlin-Neukölln (Sozialpsychiatrischer Dienst). I am currently cooperating with the Institute „In- Kontakt“ for Gestalt Therapy in Berlin, where I also teach in the training program for Gestalt therapists.

Regarding my training in Gestalt therapy:

The core of my Gestalt training took place at what today is called Scuola Gestalt di Torino over the course of 4 years. My main trainer there was Mariano Pizzimenti, my other trainers were Hilda Courtney and Sandra Pentenero. Ms. Pentenero also introduced me to the symbolic and imaginative work associated with Jung and Phenomenology. In Germany I also learned from Lotte Hartmann Kottek, Nessim Behar-Kremer and Jan-Claas Beermann.

Over the years I also took seminars in Bioenergetics and Core-Energetics.

The breadth of my training and experience allows me to approach mental suffering from many perspectives, which is essential for finding the best ways to help my patients. I view the therapeutic encounter as an opportunity to develop as a human being, even when one’s suffering is so great that this opportunity is obscured. I aim to accompany the suffering individual as they work their way towards a more healthy and peaceful mindset, and then mentor them in the development of the self.
I also work with those who do not suffer from severe mental distress (or “pathology”) in order to foster self-development and possibly a life philosophy. Furthermore, I am dedicated to supervising therapists, educators, and social workers who want to understand the Gestalt framework.

I am a member of the following scientific societies:

Berliner Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Neurologie (BGPN)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik und Nervenheilkunde (DGPPN)
Deutscher Dachverband GESTALTTHERAPIE für approbierte Psychotherapeut*innen (DDGAP)
EAGT – European Association for Gestalt Therapy www.eagt.org

You can find a selection of my publications (among a total of more than 50) here.


Specialista in psichiatria e psicoterapia Sociologo (PhD), educatore, supervisore

Se hai bisogno di metterti in contatto con il Dr. Alessio Zambon

Dr. Alessio Zambon
Ärztlicher Psychotherapeut
Gleimstr. 37
10437 Berlin
(C/o In-Kontakt, Inst. für Gestalttherapie)

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